One of the highest areas in Cyprus to the northwest of Limassol town, at a distance of 47km, lays the village of Lemithou with a cool climate in the summer and mild winters. It is one of the highest villages of Cyprus at an altitude of 1200 meters in the heart of Troodos.

The village is located in a unique natural landscape with magnificent evergreen forests and exclusive deep valleys surrounding it. It is an ideal destination for agrotourism with characteristics that make it one of the most beautiful villages of the Marathasa region.

It is estimated that the village was founded during the Byzantine years, by the first inhabitant called Lemithis (from the “lemithin” plant). The area mainly produces grapes, apple trees, cherry trees and peach trees.

The village’s main attractions are the church of Ayios Theodoros of the 16th century (wooden roof-single nave) and the church of Panayia Iamatiki (Virgin Therapeutic) a contemporary building which houses the
17th century icon of the Virgin Mary.

Discover the unique mountain scenery of Lemithou by staying at Themis House and experience the true nature and fresh mountain air.


Are you a fan of hiking and cycling? Then you are in the right place. The area is an ideal spot for sightseeing and walks in the numerous nature trails. As for the ski fanatics, in the winter the Troodos ski centre is located only 8 km away from Themis House. If you want to experience the history and the traditions of Cyprus then visit the Byzantine Monastery of Kykkos, Trooditissa and Trikoukkia, located very close to the area.

Another interesting getaway are the wine villages of Cyprus, through an endless wine route, near Themis House. Whichever route you choose it will definitely be unforgettable. You can visit the wineries, take tours and taste the local wines and other local varieties from the unique vineyards.